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These little kawaii charms will brighten up your day and smartphone. Of course you can also use them on your itabag or any other item of your desire. 

Important: Not suitable for kids under the age of 3. Due to the small parts of this item. 

Size: about 4cm. 

You can choose out of 10 different types: cloud, ghost, sun, rainbow, pear, yellow star, pink ice cream, yellow ice cream, white ice cream and pink star. 


These cute and cheerful star lights from A Little lovely company are guaranteed to make for nice dreams.


The lights go out after 10 minutes and do not get warm due to the timer.


Available in 4 different colors.

Working on 3 LR44 batteries (included)

This sturdy and kawaii unicorn backpack has several small pockets on the inside. That way you can easily store you thing during a budy convention day.


100% acryl

Size: 20x20.5x12.5 cm

Hand wash only!