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If there are any questions about placing an order or just some other information you can't find,  
you can find it right here. If not, please contact us using our contact form. 


What brands does your webshop sell?

We sell all kinds of brands that have kawaii and cute items. Every day we keep on looking for things to add. 
For now the brands we sell are:

A little lovely company, Sasse&Belle, Melootka, Lapin & me and Rex London. 


Can I get an custom made order on a fleece hat or a fleece hoodie? 
Yes. You sure can. Please send us an email with your ideas and we'll see what we can do for you. 


Can I pick up an order on a convention?

Sure. No problem at all. When you make the order, please make sure that you choose the option "pick up" instead of shipping. In the comments box, you can fill in at what convention you would like to pick up the order. Please check our live shopping at forehand to see at which conventions we will be attending. 


What type of payments do you accept?
We accept several kinds of payments: 

Ideal, mistercash, paypal, credit card and banccontant. 


What kind of shipment do you use? 
We use only one carrier and that is PostNL. They ship all over the world. 
If you have specific questions on how much shipment would cost to your country, please contact using our contact form.

How long does it take for my order to reach me? 
Orders that are handmade or custom made take a little more time to prepare. Please allow us up to 
2 weeks to make your order. You will get a shipment notice as soon as your order has left our warehouse. 

Orders within Europe usually arrive within a week.
Order outside Europ can take up to a month. 

Do you devalue your shipments so that I can avoid customs?
There is one simple answer to that: No. It's illegal to do that. 
The buyer is responsible for all custom fees and declaration costs. 
We will make sure that there is a detailed invoice on the inside of the box. 


I have like 10.000 Instragram followers and 15.000 followers on Facebook. Can you give me some
free stuff and I will promote you. 

Ehm....no. We decide for ourselves which cosplayers and/or websites we like to work with. 


Where do you buy those awesome plushies? I would like to know so I can sell them myself in my own webshop. 
Sorry, that's a thing we're not going to tell. If we get emails about this subject, we will remove them without reading them. Just think of it like this: when you go to the donut shop of restaurant, do you ask ask for recepies so you can make it at home and sell it from there? No you don't. It's just plain rude. 


Can I get a discount if I buy 2 of the same item? 

No. We're the ones deciding where and when we give discounts. We give out several discount codes several times a year.