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Terms & conditions

Part 1 | Relevance

When you place an order with Blitzy's Arts & Crafts, you always agree to our terms and conditions. 
These conditions will only be deviated from if Blitzy's Arts & Crafts has agreed to this in writing.

Part 2 | Prices & shipping costs

All prices in the webshop include 21% VAT and excluding the shipping costs. Shipping costs vary from €3,95 to €6,95 within the Netherlands. For shipment outside the Netherlands, please send us an email so we can tell you the exact shipping costs. 

Blitzy's Arts & Crafts is entitled at all times to make price changes.

Part 3 | Warrenty

The customer needs to check the order right away upon receiving. Claims of damage or other failures, won't be taken in after 14 business days. 

Blitzy's Arts & Crafts doesn't consider refund when: 

- the buyer does any changes, repairs or letting repair the item by a third party

- the buyer has used the item in a whole different way then it was meant to be used

- the buyer hasn't contacted up when upon arrival the item was damaged/broken

- when there is obviously signs or normal wear when use of the product

- when there is water damage, fire damage and/or polution


Whether you can get refund or not, is up to the descision of Blitzy's Arts & Crafts. Always contact us when something is wrong with your order. Make sure you hold onto the item, in case we would like to see photo's of the damaged goods. We wil help you with your complaint as much as we can and we'll try our best to find a solution for each situation. 

Part 4 | Delivery and shipment 

All orders can always be picked up at our warehouse. The adress is on the contact page and on the bottom of each page. 
We try to ship every order within 3 to 5 business days. Keep in mind that orders that are handmade and custom made, this can go up to 2 weeks. If you need your order to arrive sooner, please contact us. 
Blitzy's Arts & Crafts isn't responsible for any damage or lost good during shipment. 


Shipping inside Europe can take up to a week. 
Shipping outside Europe can take up to a month. Keep in mind that the buyer is responsible for all custom fees and declaration costs. We do not devalue orders. 

On the weekends when we are attending conventions, of course we won't ship out. Orders will be pick up the first business day after a convention. Orders will be handeld first come, first serve. 


The buyer is responsible for the right address information. If an incorrect delivery takes place, due to incorrect address information, Blitzy's Arts & Crafts is not liable.

Part 5 | Payment
Payment will be done on forehand before receiving the order. We have several ways of payment: 
Bank transfer, Ideal, banccontact, mistercash, paypal and credit card. 

All payments must be made within 7 business days. Please use your order number when using banktransfer. If you don't include your ordernumber, it can take up to several days before we have processed your order. You can find you order number on the bottom of your invoice. If we don't receive payment within 7 business days, the order will be cancelled automatically.  


Part 6 | Complaints 

If you have any complaints, please contact us at: info@blitzyscrafts.nl We try to find the right solution for you. 

Part 7 | Cancellation & returns

You have up to 14 business day after ordering, to cancel. If you already have paid your order and it hasn't shipped out yet, you will get a full refund of your money. Unfortunately we can't cancel orders that have already been shipped out. Please contact us when the order has reached you, so that it can be returned to us. If you already have received the order, it must be send back to Blitzy's Arts & Crafts. Please contact us at forehand when you want to return the order, so that we can send you a special return label for the box. 

Orders that are returned, need to be send back to us within 14 business days. Once the order has made it back to us, you will received an conformation email. 

Lucky boxes or bags and personalised items can't be returned.


Part 8 | Discounts & pre-orders

Sometimes we have some new items that we put up for pre-order. Please keep in mind that we don't physically have those items yet. Our supplier will deliver them to us upon release. Pre-orders need to be payment on forehand, so that we know how much items we need to order. The date of the release of the pre-order is an estimate. That means that it still can be pushed back or forward.


- The discount and the percentage of that discount, are only valid between the given dates stated on the home page of the webshop. 

- Discount goes for all items, except the few that are specifically excluded. 
- Items of A little lovely company are always excluded from discounts and/or promotions. 

- Pre-order items are always excluded from discounts and/or promotions. 
- The customer is always responsible for using the discount code. 
- In case you have forgotten to use the discount code, we won't calculate it afterwards. 


Artikel 9 | Privacy: 
Your private information, will never be sold by Blitzy's Arts & Crafts. We'll do our best to keep everything safe.